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Why Ruby Lips LLC?

At Rubylipsllc, we are focused on providing beauty care services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. All products are made with wax, shea butter, moisturizing oils and pigmented powders. With liquid lipstick you get to experience both a quality lipstick and just the right amount of shine with no need of a liner. 

Natural Looks


The key to getting a natural look is to use natural shades. Use the lightest maroon color on your cheeks and rub it in with a sponge, use the same shade on your eyes and blend it well. Pay attention to your lashes because that is the highlight of your look. Apply a transparent mascara or a shiny black one and use a curler to add definition. Use a dusting of chocolate-toned shadow over the lids giving you a classy and natural highlight.  If you choose to use liner, then lightly dot along your lash line with a brown felt-tip liner. Top it off using the thinnest brush you have in order to apply it all the way from one corner to the other for a beautiful finished look. 

What You Say About Us
“Ruby lips is the first natural cosmetic line I have tried and I must say I absolutely love it. All the colors are vibrant. I never have to put too much on and I can wear my liquid lipstick the whole day without the color fading. The liquid lips is a must have!  


Akema R”

“Was searching for a pretty purple and I finally found it, picked up this gorgeous shade along with a couple other. They were rich in color and very moist, I will definitely be purchasing from Ruby Lips”

Monica B

“The packaging was cute and fit right into my purse, I didn't know which color to choose from so I contacted the owner and she was very helpful in choosing a color that was right for me.

Tammy R

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